What Kind of Lift Chair Should I Buy?

Posted on: August 12th, 2016 by WilliamBros Blogger


Is it getting harder to help mom out of her chair? Does dad have a hip or knee surgery scheduled, and is worried about how he will get around afterwards? If so, they may benefit from a lift chair. This piece of furniture contains a device that lifts the entire chair from its base, allowing the user to get in and out with ease. It will allow mom and dad to move more independently, as well as make your job as caregiver less physically stressful.

Before you start shopping, here is a quick introduction to the types of lift chairs you’ll come across, courtesy of Williams Brothers:

Three-Position Chair: The three-position chair can recline to a 135-degree angle, as well as tip forward to a 45-degree angle, making a V-shape when it’s fully extended. This model of chair is great for those on a budget, as they tend to be the most affordable. However, they’re still reliable, effective and comfortable.

Infinite Position Lift Chair: If mom or dad enjoy taking afternoon naps in their chairs, then an infinite position lift chair would be a great option. This lift chair can fully recline at 180-degrees, allowing the user to go into a flat position. Typically, the infinite position lift chair comes with two motors, one for the back and one for the feet, which allows for a wide variety of positions.

Zero Gravity Lift Chairs: The zero gravity lift chair is the most versatile of the bunch. Similar to the infinite position lift chair, it also comes with a motor at the back and one at the front. The zero gravity lift chair also allows the user to elevate their legs above their heart, so it’s ideal for those with reoccurring heart problems.

Stepping into the role of family caregiver is never easy, but a lift chair from Williams Brothers could make your job less physically demanding. Once you’ve checked out the selection in our online catalog, be sure to visit our Resource Center and read 10 Tips for Family Caregiversfor more helpful ideas!

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