Stay Mobile in Your Home by Answering These 3 Questions

Posted on: March 3rd, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

One of the major concerns of older Americans is staying mobile as they age. Falls and loss of balance can all play into a decreased sense of independence. That’s why Williams Brothers is offering you these 3 tips to stay mobile in your own home:

  1. How safely can I manage the stairs? The safest home for those needing mobility assistance features restrooms, bathrooms, and laundry facilities on one level. When these essentials are split between floors, a stair lift is crucial. At Williams Brothers Healthcare Pharmacy, we offer custom installation on any stair lift you buy from us.
  2. Do I have a caregiver? How much can they assist? Personal care from a loved one is invaluable for maintaining freedom and safety in, out, and around your home. If your caregiver is willing and able to maneuver your mobility device, installing an incline ramp to your home’s main entrance is the perfect solution. However, if you live independently or your caregiver can’t safely navigate your mobility device, a platform lift eliminates hassle and provides maximum assistance.
  3. How difficult is it navigating around the home? Sometimes, even homes with the smoothest flooring, widest hallways, and most navigable layouts can’t provide the mobility assistance you and your loved one need. Ceiling lifts provide the most comprehensive, manageable mobility if illness or age limits your freedom in the home. Transferring from room to room, in and out of the bathroom, and to and from bed has never been easier with a system designed for exceptional assistance.

The team at Williams Brothers wants to help you maintain your freedom, which is why we offer safe home solutions for aging in-place. Contact us today for more tips on how you can stay independent.

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