Safety Focus- How Safe is your Home?

Posted on: June 9th, 2015 by WilliamBros Blogger

Elderly woman in her bedroom at retirement community center.

Aging in place is an ever growing alternative to nursing homes and care facilities. If your loved one lives at home, whether they are independent or have a caregiver, ask yourself this: how is safe their home? Williams Brothers Pharmacy is bringing you information during Safety Month on how to make your home safer for seniors.

How safe is your bathroom?

As family members age, it becomes increasingly important to reevaluate the safety of rooms that are frequently used in your home. The bathroom is considered to be the number one room for falls in the home. Williams Brothers Pharmacy carries more than 100 bathroom safety products in our online catalog. From walk in tubs to bathroom chairs and seat risers for your toilet, we can help you make your bathroom safer.

How safe is your staircase?

Have you thought about the potential dangers of taking multiple trips up and down the stairs to access different rooms of the house? In two-story homes, the only full bath may be upstairs or the laundry is all the way downstairs. We offer many options when it comes to stair lifts for your home. Even if you think your stairs may not be ready for a lift, we have consultations to help you determine the right stair lift for your home.

How safe is your bedroom?

When you think of home safety, the first thing that may come to your mind is preventing a fall. Although this may be true, there are other aspects of safety to consider. In the bedroom, an important factor of safety to consider is preventing bed sores. We offer pressure relief pads for your mattress and adjustable hospital beds to ease the pain and potential of bed sores.

Williams Brothers Pharmacy hopes you find answers to your home safety questions through us. Call today to set up an appointment for a home modification consultation today.


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