Preventing an Injury this Spring

Posted on: April 15th, 2015 by WilliamBros Blogger

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Spring is finally here! It seemed the snow would never stop falling, but April is here and it’s time to start those spring projects. If you have been sitting most of the winter, your body probably isn’t quite ready to tackle the list of big projects you want to accomplish.

Your friends at Williams Bros Pharmacy want you or a loved one to be safe and healthy as you head into spring. Here are several simple ways to prevent injuries this spring.


  • Take a walk.Walking is a great way to wake your body up and get it warmed up before your tasks. Don’t overdo it; you may want to walk after your chores too as a cool down.
  • Warm up stretchesare a simple and essential step to a busy day.  Stretching is not just for runners, it’s a way to prepare the body to use the muscle groups that may be underused.
  • Eat before you start your projects. Eat a decent breakfast and be sure you stop and eat lunch. No big meals that may weigh you down, just enough to give your body fuel.
  • Wear the proper clothing for the job. If you start a project early when it’s chilly, you may heat up as you work and as the day warms. If you get too hot, you may get dizzy and fall.  Dress in comfortable layers that you can add or remove as needed.
  • Dry muscles are sore muscles and that goes for your brain too, so stay hydrated. Keep water with you or close by as you work.
  • Take breaks. A few short breaks will let your body keep up with can-do spirit.


Is it time to “spring clean” your home medical equipment and supplies? If you’ve been waiting for a time to replace worn out equipment or supplies, spring is a great time to do it. See Williams Bros. Pharmacy’s online catalog or visit us in person today to see what’s new and how having the right home medical equipment can make a world of difference.



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