Mobility Scooters: A Quick Guide

Posted on: August 26th, 2016 by WilliamBros Blogger


Dealing with health issues can be overwhelming in and of itself. But having to purchase a piece of mobility equipment on top of everything else can be downright daunting. There are so many choices on the market that you may not know where to start.

Luckily, Williams Brothers is here to help! We’ve put together this quick guide on mobility scooters that can save you time, money and energy in your search:

There’s a mobility scooter for every lifestyle!

What kind of activities are you doing day-to-day? This may help you determine what kind of mobility scooter to get. In general, they can be divided up into these subcategories:

  • Standard: These are best for casual use around the home.
  • Portable: A smaller scooter that’s designed to fit in a van or car and go with you during travel.
  • Pediatric: These are scooters that are just the right size for children or small adults.
  • Sport: A scooter for those who want to participate in vigorous leisure activities such as sports.
  • Heavy Duty: These scooters are designed to handle higher weight capacities.
  • Luxury: A scooter that features higher-end options for safety, reliability and comfort.

Operating range is also important to consider.

The last thing you want is to cut your excursion short because the battery ran out on your mobility scooter. This is why it’s important to buy one with an operating range to fit your needs. Mobility scooters can go anywhere from 10 to 38 miles without a charge. It’s different for each model, so make sure you ask your vendor!

A mobility scooter is a wonderful device that can open up many possibilities for you. With the correct knowledge, you can make sure you’re getting the best one for your needs. The experts at Williams Brothers can also help. Stop by one of our locations or check out the mobility scooter selection in our online catalog to get started.

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