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Posted on: June 29th, 2015 by WilliamBros Blogger

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July is National Grilling Month and today, Williams Brothers Pharmacy is bringing you “Master Grilling 101” to celebrate. What’s your favorite food to grill? Is it steak, chicken or maybe vegetables? Whatever your favorite grill food is, we are bringing you the best grilling methods, a delicious recipe and why grilling is the best way to cook food. Read more to learn from Williams Brothers Pharmacy.

Best methods for grilling food:

When grilling, your best bet is to start the meat cooking slowly at a lower temperature. Cooking it on a lower heat level will allow the juices and flavor to keep the meat from getting too dry. This may take extra time, but the end result is worth it. When cooking chicken, you can flip the meat back and forth many times before it gets too dry.

When it comes to steak, the less you flip the meat, the better the flavor. When making burgers, be sure the inside is not undercooked. Take the temperature of the meat to be sure it’s at least 160 degrees.

Delicious recipe:

Mini grilled pizzas: If you don’t feel like making a pizza in the oven because it would make the house too hot or ordering pizza, try this delicious and healthy recipe. You can cut calories by making the pizzas on the grill.

Why is grilling the best way to cook?

Compared to other cooking methods, grilling is better than frying and pan searing because the meat is not cooked in fat. Grilling eliminates much of the fat on meat, which means a healthier main dish. Frying and pan searing locks in and even adds fat to your meat.

Williams Brothers Pharmacy hopes you are able to become a grill master this summer with our Master Grilling 101 during National Grilling Month. Contact us today to learn more about our pharmacy services and home medical equipment.


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