Keeping your CPAP machine investment maintained

Posted on: January 29th, 2016 by WilliamBros Blogger

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Your CPAP machine represents a big investment, both in associated out-of-pocket expenses you may have and in your health itself. That’s why it’s crucial that your CPAP supplies are replaced on a regular basis. Below is a general timeline to help you know when it may be time to replace your CPAP supplies:




A certain part of your CPAP machine will need to be replaced on a regular basis, so it’s good to start marking your calendar now. Your car needs regular oil changes, transmission flushes and other upkeep, so whatever you do now to keep yourself on track for your vehicle can also work for your CPAP machine.


1 Month – CPAP Cushions, Pillows and Filters


Once a month, examine your CPAP mask nasal cushions and CPAP pillows to see if they have any discoloration or cracks. If they do, you run the risk of irritating your skin and should consider replacing these aging CPAP supplies. This is also the time when you want to replace the filter in your CPAP machine, as it helps fight allergens.


3 Months – CPAP Mask


You need to examine your CPAP mask at the three-month mark to see if it needs to be replaced. If you are regularly cleaning it and replacing any worn-out CPAP mask pillows and CPAP mask cushions, then there’s a good chance that it’s still usable. However, if the CPAP mask is discolored, bent or torn, it’s time to replace it.


6 Months – CPAP Water Chamber and Mask Straps


At the six month mark, examine the water chamber to your CPAP machine’s water chamber. If it is cloudy or discolored, it may need to be replaced. Likewise, your CPAP tubing can harbor bacteria, so you also want to replace it at 6 months. Finally, this is also around the time that the elastic or Velcro on your headgear or chin strap can become worn.


Williams Bros. know how important sleep apnea therapy is, and part of that is keeping your CPAP machine and supplies maintained. Check out our online catalog for all the CPAP supplies that we carry.

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