It’s Time to Evaluate the Safety of Your Bathroom

Posted on: February 22nd, 2015 by Forbin Admin

Did you know that there are almost 200,000 bathroom accidents every year and most of these involve older adults? Williams Bros. Health Care has some solutions that could help ensure the well-being of you or a loved one if you are concerned about safety in the bathroom.

Stepping in and out of a bath or shower can be more slippery and dangerous relaxing to some individuals. Many senior citizens wrongly use towel bars and racks to support themselves but these towel bars are not strong enough to support human weight and may put the person at risk for a terrible slip. We recommend having safety grab bars installed and want you to consider getting a transfer chair. These chairs allow you to easily sit and slide into the bath or shower without having to step over the wall of a tub.

Williams Bros. Health Care also offers different safety grabs that, when installed properly; hold a lot of weight safely. These bars can be placed near the toilet and bathtub to offer greater stability and safety. If balance is an issue, Williams Bros has bath seats available. Bath seats are great for those who do not feel comfortable standing in a shower or have difficulties sitting down into a bath and getting up again.

Old style toilets can be uncomfortable, (ugly) and dangerous. The low seating of many toilets can make it hard to sit down or get back up for many people as they age or recover from surgery. The person’s lack of balance and strength can lead to falls and injury. By installing a toilet seat with built in handrails, the person get up and down easier and more safely while providing balance support to prevent a fall.

With more elderly individuals staying in their homes longer, people who are having surgery or have had an injury, it is important to consider bathroom safety. These people are at an increased risk for bathroom accidents and preventing falls is a real concern. Williams Bros. Health Care cares about your family and wants to help you and your loved ones make the bathroom a relaxing room once again.

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