How to Avoid Accidental Holiday Weaning

Posted on: November 4th, 2016 by WilliamBros Blogger


When January comes and the stress of the holidays comes to a close, many breastfeeding moms will find themselves in a strange predicament: their babies no longer want to breastfeed! Even babies as young as three months will suddenly act as if they’ve forgotten how to latch on, preferring instead to bottle-feed.

This phenomenon is known as “holiday weaning,” and it’s more common than what many people realize. It happens because in the whirlwind of holiday activities, moms have less time to devote to breastfeeding, and babies become accustomed to the formula they receive from bottles.

For many moms, this starts when they leave baby at home with a bottle of expressed milk as they go shopping. Later, as more holiday activities take over—decorating, office parties, entertaining—the expressed milk runs out and they must switch to formula. By the time the holidays are over, they’ve accidentally weaned their babies off breast milk.

Since Williams Brothers Healthcare Pharmacy knows that breast is best, we’d like to offer these suggestions on how to avoid holiday weaning:

  • Take shorter shopping trips so that you can bring baby with you. If you’re shy about breastfeeding in public, breastfeed right before you leave the house or in a dressing room.
  • Many parties that designate themselves as adult-only usually refer to older children who could get into trouble. Check with your host ahead of time to make sure it’s okay to bring your baby with you, but chances are, they’ll be okay with it.
  • If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, request that participants do it pot-luck style. This should cut back on the amount of prep that you have to do.
  • Ask for help with decorating! You can give people instructions on what to do while you sit with baby.

It can be difficult for new moms to balance baby and the activities they’re used to enjoying. With a little bit of creativity and help from family and friends, it is plausible. Williams Brothers Healthcare Pharmacy is here for you as well.  We carry a number of maternity products in our online catalog, including breast pumps.

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