Have a Happier, Healthier Halloween

Posted on: October 26th, 2015 by WilliamBros Blogger
Have a Happier, Healthier Halloween

Have a Happier, Healthier Halloween

When we think of Halloween we conjure up images of witches, (candy) ghosts, (candy) goblins and ghouls (candy) and all kinds of other scary monsters. While trick-or-treating is pretty much a right of childhood, children going from door –to-door and receiving candy can lead to way too much sugar.

Halloween can present a problem for parents and grandparents that promote healthy eating habits and lifestyles. Kids are going to try and eat as much candy in a single night as possible, that’s kids. So how do parents and grandparents keep the sweets in check?

First, assuming your child does not have diabetes or other illnesses, too much candy one night a year is okay. Not great, but okay. After the first night though, there is the time-proven strategy of stashing the candy in a confidential location, though it has to be somewhere the kids won’t find. A high hiding place doesn’t necessarily mean safety; we were all kids once, and chairs and step ladders sure come in handy. Opt for a spot that’s remote, or that the kids don’t spend a lot of time in.

Limiting the number of pieces of candy your child or grandchild can have per day has also been shown to work well, as long as they haven’t set up a secret stash for themselves. If you make their lunch, drop a piece inside before handing it to them as they head off to school, or set a piece next to their plate at dinner that they only get if they clear their plate.

You can devise your own strategy, but just be sure that it is followed by anyone who provides care for the children, whether that’s parents, grandparents, babysitters or others. Consistency is key and having it will increase the chances of success for your healthy Halloween. From all of us at Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy, we hope you have a healthy, safe and happy Halloween!

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