Dispelling Common Myths about the Flu Vaccine

Posted on: March 2nd, 2015 by Forbin Admin

Although people have been talking about flu season since late October, the flu virus actually peaks in January and February in Indiana and other across the United States. Did you know that as many as 20% of Americans get sick with the flu each year? If someone in your house get it, the nasty bug can hit 100% of your family!

While the flu is 100% real, there are still many myths and false rumors circulating around about this miserable illness. Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy believes it is important to make sure you know the truth about the flu virus and the steps you can do to prevent yourself from catching it.

Myth #1: You can catch the flu from the flu shot                                                                                                   

Not true. We hear it every year but no matter how many times experts debunk this myth; many people refuse to get a flu shot each year because of it. The fact is that flu vaccines are made from dead viral particles and since the virus is not living, it cannot make you sick. Can you get sick after the shot? Yes; it takes two weeks for your body to form antibodies to the flu vaccine and you may still get sick during that time, but don’t blame the flu shot, blame a co-worker or spouse.

Myth #2: The flu causes digestive problems

This is a big one! Yes flu symptoms are miserable, but gastrointestinal symptoms are rarely included in the bug. Really. The stomach flu is a separate group of viruses that cause vomiting and diarrhea.  These viruses, no matter how awful, are not influenza. While some people have nausea and vomiting, if these are your primary symptoms, it is probably not the flu.

Myth #3: Young, healthy people don’t need to worry about getting the flu

While the flu is most threatening to children, the elderly, and people with other illnesses, it does not discriminate. Healthy people can and do still get the symptoms. That is why the CDC recommends that all people of all ages get the shot early in the flu season. In other words, GET THE SHOT!

Flu happens and it happens every year. Washing your hands and take your vitamins is great, but and chances are you won’t be able to avoid it forever. And if you are or are going to be around young children or elderly people, it is important that you get vaccinated for all of your sakes. Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy wants you to stay healthy this flu season and all year long!

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