Breaking Free: Commit to the Great American Smokout

Posted on: November 18th, 2016 by WilliamBros Blogger


Most smokers will say that they wished they never started, mainly because of how hard it is to kick the habit. However, with November marking the Great American Smokout, Williams Brothers Healthcare Pharmacy would like to encourage you to make the commitment to stop smoking. Here are a few of our suggestions to cut back:

  • Water… and lots of it!

Instead of walking to the normal destination you visit for a cigarette, walk to the sink and pour a big glass of water. Then drink it slowly. This will keep your mouth, throat and body engaged in doing something other than reaching for a cigarette.

  • Identify your cues.

What was it that normally caused you to smoke? Was it during 15-minute breaks at work? Use those times to go for a short walk around the premises instead. Was it during parties, while driving to work, or relaxing at the end of the day? Make a plan to ensure that these do not lead to a relapse.

  • Keep your mouth busy.

Get something such as peppermint gum or healthy snacks like celery, carrots or nuts. Keeping your mouth busy will keep you from wanting to put a cigarette in it.

  • Have something in your hands to play with.

This could mean keeping a pen handy, a stress ball nearby or a rubber band around your wrist that you can twist around your fingers… this will help you kick the urge to hold a cigarette in your hand.

  • Remember that it’s never “just this once.”

It’s really tempting to have a single cigarette just to kill the craving, but this often leads to people picking the habit up all over again.

Here at Williams Brothers Healthcare Pharmacy, we’ve seen too many patients with conditions that could have been prevented if they never picked up that first cigarette. Smoking can cause respiratory illness, heart disease, diabetes and more. For more information on some of these diseases, visit our Patient Resource Guide. The next time you need home medical equipment—whether or not it’s related to smoking—we have everything you need in our online catalog.

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