Bathtub Safety Basics

Posted on: March 10th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

As we age, we need to become more cautious with our everyday activities to prevent accidents.  When it comes to the tub, your sense of balance, arthritis, and other aches and pains can be the perfect recipe for falling down.  Here at the Williams Bros., we offer some simple bath safety basics for those of us who aren’t so steady on our feet.

  1. Non-slip suction mats in the tub will help prevent stumbles. By having an entire mat put down, you will avoid slick spots caused when using non-stick adhesives because those don’t cover the entire floor.  You can also try using a simple spray on product in the tub that makes its surface more reliable.
  2. A non-skid bath mat on the floor beside the tub provides firm footing to avoid slipping and tripping. When getting out of the tub, you are more susceptible to losing your footing because you are wet.  With a non-skid bath mat, you won’t slip on the tile floor.
  3. Grab bars around the bathtub are a necessity for safety.Two types of grab bars usually are needed in the tub for someone who is aging.  For getting in and out of the tub from a standing position you will need a vertically placed U-bar attached to the side wall at the foot of the tub to allow safe entry and exit.  When you need to lower or raise your body to or from a seated position, a 12- to 15-inch bar can be placed at the foot end of the tub and a longer one along the back wall.

Diagonally placed grab bars shouldn’t be used because your hand could slide and make a fall more likely. Also, always remember that towel racks and soap holders do not work as grab bars because they are not designed to hold your weight.  If you grab onto one of those, you will be in more danger of injuring yourself.

  1. A variety of portable seats and chairs are an option if sitting on the bathtub floor is difficult. It allows for a safer, less tiring bathing experience and requires no installation!  These seats have rubber tips to prevent them from sliding, so you can feel sturdy.
  2. Replacing a shower head with a hand held one allows you to move the head to clean yourself rather than having to move yourself around, thus lowering your risk of a fall and putting less pressure on your aching hips. Instead of standing for the duration of your shower, you can sit on your shower chair and bathe comfortably without the worry of slips.

With these suggestions, you can make bathing a worry-free, safe environment.  By being more cautious as time goes on, you can continue to age in-home happily.  Contact us with any questions so that you can feel confident when living at home.

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