Basic Home Modification for Aging In-Place

Posted on: January 26th, 2018 by WilliamBros Blogger

It’s true when they say that there’s no place like home.  In fact, studies even show that many seniors are happier and healthier when they’re able to remain in their lifelong houses.

However, certain health conditions can develop with age, putting older adults at risk for a fall. That’s why some modifications will be necessary if your loved one chooses to age in-place. The following are a few basics when it comes to making home safety renovations:


The bathroom presents many opportunities for a fall, which is why it’s one of the first places you should consider making safer. A simple grab bar can make all the difference if they are unsteady on their feet. If their mobility is an issue, barrier-free showers, shower seats and walk-in tubs can allow them a greater independence.


If your loved one needs to use a wheelchair for even part of the time, they will need to take certain things into consideration when it comes to entry points. Do their entrances need to be widened to accommodate a wheelchair? Will you have to install a ramp to the front door? How about a threshold ramps for that little bump in the doorway?


A stair lift is another way you can enable your loved one to stay independent longer. The tracks can be modified to fit just about any shape of stairs, and the seat itself can fold up if you’re dealing with a compact space.


The National Council on Aging lists inadequate lighting as a fall hazard to senior citizens. If mom or dad’s house seems a bit dim, it might be time to upgrade their light fixtures or even install additional ones throughout the house.


Are there just too many things in their space? It could cause your loved one to trip and fall. Another thing to look for is loose area rugs. Replace them with rubber-backed rugs with heavy bottoms that allow them to stay in place.

These are just a few of the basic things to look for when modifying a home for aging in-place. At Williams Bros., we offer Safe Home Solutions for Aging in Place. We will perform a free safety estimate, and can install many of the modifications your loved one will need to stay in their home.

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