5 Ways You Can Improve Bathroom Safety

Posted on: January 6th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

One of the most dangerous rooms in the home is often the smallest: the bathroom. More falls occur there than in any other part of the house, and the CDC states that one out of every five falls among senior citizens results in serious injury. Since January is Bathroom Safety Month, Williams Brothers Health Care Pharmacy would like to provide you five ways to improve the safety of one area of your home:

  • Get rid of your throw rugs.


While a throw rug provides a warm barrier between your feet and the cold tile floor, they’re one of the top causes of falls in the home. Replace them with nonslip strips or mats.


  • Keep the bathroom floor dry.


We know this is often easier said than done, but there are a few things you can do to mitigate extra water on the floor. Try putting a shower chair or bench in the tub, so you can have a place to dry off on before exiting your bath. We also recommend using a weighted shower curtain to prevent leaks while you bathe.


  • Install safety grab bars.


If you find yourself starting to slip, the last thing you want to do is grab onto a towel rack. They’re not meant to hold more than a few pounds, so chances are it will come off the wall and fall down with you. Safety grab bars, however, are meant to stay in place and stop a fall as it happens.


  • Make sure there’s adequate lighting.


During the day, it’s easy to see the light switch and turn it on, but at night you may find yourself fumbling. Add nightlights in the hallway to light your path to the bathroom, and place another one in the bathroom itself. This way, you or a loved one don’t stumble into walls or obstacles in the dark.


  • Consider installing a raised toilet seat.


Low toilet seats mean that you have to exert extra effort to get on and off the toilet. If you have limited mobility, this may potentially lead to a fall. A raised toilet seat can avert this, and some even come with handles that let you gently lower yourself or push yourself off the seat.

Did you know falls among senior citizens cost an average of $31 billion annually? By following the tips above, you can help prevent you or your loved one from being another statistic. We carry a number of bathroom safety products in our online catalog, and can make sure you have everything you need to keep you or your loved one safe.

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