5 Ways Busy Moms Can Sneak in a Workout

Posted on: January 19th, 2018 by WilliamBros Blogger

It’s officially the New Year, which means it’s time to start making good on your resolutions. If you’re like most busy moms, though, carving out the time to exercise is easier said than done. Today, Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy would like to offer you these five tips for busy moms to sneak in a workout:

  • Take the stairs

Stair-climbing is a quick and easy way to burn calories. Whether you choose to take the stairs at the parking garage, at the office or when you run errands, choosing this option over the elevator is a quick and easy way to get your steps in for the day.

  • In between commercials

Keep a small set of weights in the living room next to the couch. Instead of getting up to grab a snack during a commercial break, do a few reps. Since most commercials run about 30 seconds, you can use them to time yourself. Do one type of exercise for the span of two commercials for 1-minute sessions.

  • With each meal

Sometimes, trying to do it all at once can be intimidating. Instead, split your exercises into different segments. For example, you could do your squats with breakfast, upper body exercises at lunch and the treadmill after dinner. By associating them with activities you already do routinely each day (eating) you will be more likely to stick with your exercise regimen.

  • During work.

Even if all you do is take a short walk over your lunch break, even that is better than sitting still all day! On days when it’s just too chilly, try walking around your place of work, especially if it’s a larger building. You can keep a small set of weights by your desk and do arm crunches while reading reports or talking on the phone.

  • Hit the gym while Williams Bros. delivers

Eliminating one more errand might just free up enough time for you to hit the gym. By utilizing Williams Bros. Pharmacy’s delivery service, you can skip a trip to pick up your medication and go to the gym instead.

At Williams Bros. Heath Care Pharmacy, we care about compliance, and not just when it comes to your medication! Staying compliant with diet and exercise goals is important when it comes to being a healthier you. See our wide range of pharmacy services for more ways we can make your life easier.

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