4 Benefits of Going to Your Local Pharmacy

Posted on: June 9th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy has been your local pharmacy since 1899. During that time, we’ve seen the rise of chain and big-box store pharmacies across the country. While it can be tempting to turn to a pharmacy located inside a grocery or department store so that you can complete all your errands in one place, today we’re going to list 4 reasons why you should shop at an independent pharmacy!

  • It supports the local pharmacy.


Some studies estimate that for every dollar spent locally, 52 percent is returned to the local economy. By contrast, big retailers only return 14 percent, while the rest returns to their headquarters elsewhere.


  • The owners live here.


Big box pharmacies are owned by either people living in large cities outside the state or else by faceless boards of directors. They will never get to know you personally, come to a community event, serve on municipal boards or be involved in local civic organizations. With a local pharmacy, you know the family that owns it is your fellow community member. They’re invested in making it a better place. The money you spend there will ultimately go back to these sorts of efforts.


  • More choice.


Often, the big box stores have a very limited choice when it comes to over-the-counter products. They also don’t tend to have specialty services, such as custom compliance packaging or compounding.


  • Better service.


Just like the owners, those who work in a local pharmacy are also going to be more invested members of the community. Because of that, they will get to know you better, giving it that small-town touch. Williams Bros. goes a step beyond and offers specialized customer service options that you don’t see at large stores. Have trouble paying? We offer patient assistance. Can’t make it out of your house or are too busy? We offer delivery. And if you’re loyal to us, we pay it back with our Reward Program.


At Williams Bros., we see you as more than just “business.” We’re in this community for the long-haul, just like you. The next time you need your prescription filled, visit one of our many locations in Indiana or Illinois!

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