6 Ways You Can Avoid the Flu This Season

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The best way to prevent seasonal flu is by getting vaccinated, but that’s not the only way! The professionals at Williams Bros. have compiled their favorite good health habits you can do in order to stay away from the sniffles.

  1. Protect Your Paws

This seems redundant, but you can never wash your hands too many times. It’s important to use soap and warm water for the length of the time it takes you to sing the “Happy Birthday” song. This will ensure you are germ free!

  1. Avoid Touching Your Face

When you touch your face, you are allowing an all-access pass to your immune system for germs. By avoiding touching your nose, mouth, and eyes, you will limit your chance of catching something from surfaces that you touch.

  1. Pen Power

This simple tip is a great way to keep you healthy! Take your own pen with you wherever you go. From work to the bank, grocery store, and so on, you are exposed to an immense amount of germs. By cutting back on touching other objects that aren’t yours, you’ll win the war against those pesky bugs.

  1. Disinfect

Clean all surfaces that many people are known to touch. This gives you a chance to kill germs before they can spread. You can also use hand sanitizer after being in a room that has not been disinfected in order to stay healthy.

  1. Drink Tea & Eat Protein

Drinking hot black or green tea with lemon and honey can boost your immune system because honey is antibacterial and lemon is known to thin mucus. Eating protein also helps strengthen your immune system, so be sure to get a healthy amount of fish, eggs, and yogurt in your diet!

  1. Watch Your Phone

Many people may not realize how many random surfaces they set their phone on. By keeping it in your purse or pocket or by cleaning it with a wipe, you are able to cut back on your germ interaction immensely.

Although these tips are simple, they will be instrumental in keeping you healthy this flu season! If you have any questions or concerns about what you can be doing to stay healthy, contact us today.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Pharmacy Visit

Posted on: September 8th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

When going to your local pharmacy, there are many options you may not realize are being offered. That’s why the professionals at Williams Bros. wanted to let you know what you can do to get the most out of your pharmacy visit.

  1. Know Your Refill Options

Most pharmacies offer the traditional refill option that includes walk-in, drive-up, or calling to refill your prescription. However, at Williams Bros. we offer an auto refill. This lets you have a synchronized refill plan where you choose the day of each month to come pick it up.


  1. Taking the hassle out of kids’ medications

Williams Bros.’ Kids Korner has special offerings just for children! By signing up for Vitamin Club for Kids, you can get one FREE bottle of multivitamins. Another benefit that is offered is the custom-flavored medicine. This lets your child choose how they want their medicine to taste. This makes it less stressful the next time you need to give them a pill.


  1. Patient Assistance Programs

Times are tough and some people may not be able to afford everything that they need. That’s why Williams Bros. offers a program that provides free or low-cost medications. In the first quarter of 2016, we helped 220 patients save $30,747 across seven locations.


  1. Prep Your Meds

Tracking numerous prescriptions can be a hassle, so custom compliance packaging will make it safe and easy for you! It sorts your medication by the time and date that you need to take them.


  1. Delivery

Sometimes making the most out of your pharmacy visit may involve not having to visit at all. Williams Bros. offers prescription delivery for those who don’t have extra time to stop by.

We hope that these possibilities show you everything your local pharmacy is capable of doing for you. If you have any questions about the services we offer, contact us today – we’d be happy to help!

3 Ways a Lift Chair Can Help Your Parents Age In-Place

Posted on: September 1st, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

More senior than ever are choosing to age in-place. While this can have many benefits for their mental and emotional health, it could pose a few safety risks, especially if they have limited mobility. If you’ve visited your parents recently and have watched them struggle with moving around, you may already be well aware of the challenges they’re facing.

You may be able to help your parents out by purchasing them a lift chair. This piece of furniture has the appearance of an overstuffed recliner, but hidden beneath that fluff are mechanisms that allow it to move in a number of positions. One of those positions is tilting it forward, allowing a person with limited mobility to get in and out of a sitting position by themselves.

This tilting-forward position offers a number of benefits, including:

  1. Saving time.

If your parent is able to get in and out of their chair on their own, they won’t have to rely on you to help them up. This allows you to free up some of the time you’d otherwise spend monitoring them to make sure they don’t have an accidental fall.

  1. Increasing safety.

It’s more common than you realize for someone to suffer injury when helping an elderly relative rise or sit in a chair. Getting a person from a sitting or lying position can present serious challenges, as even a small misstep can lead to injury of either party.

  1. Giving back dignity.

It’s hard for many seniors to accept that they can’t do many of the things they’re used to doing on their own. A lift chair gives them back some of their independence, and thus restores some of their dignity.

In addition to the reasons listed above, a lift chair could mean less stress between the caretaker and parent. Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy has a wide variety to choose from, and we can help you pick out the one that best meets your parents’ needs.

Have a Pet? Clay Williams, PharmD, Can Now Help Take Care of Them!

Posted on: August 18th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

Many Indiana residents already rely on Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy when it comes to their medication and other health care needs. But when it comes to the furry, feathered or four-legged members of your family, our patients have had to go elsewhere—that is, until now.

We’re proud to announce that our own Clay Williams, PharmD, after a rigorous program of study, has achieved the professional rating of Veterinary Specialist. This means he will now be able to offer compounding services for pets.

A growing area of practice for many pharmacies, veterinary compounding services are when specialized pharmacists prepare customized medications for animals, after it has been prescribed by their veterinarian. Far from off-the-shelf solutions, these drugs are customized for the individual patient. Dr. Williams will now be able to offer a wide variety of therapies, whether it is for a pet, a working animal or exotics.

That also means he will be able to prepare medicine that will be easier to administer to the animal. This includes topical sprays, oral medications, transdermal gels and creams. Instead of trying to wrap your pet’s pill into a slice of meat to get them to swallow it, you will now be able to come to Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy to find an easier solution.

The course of study Dr. Williams took was through PCCA, a resource for independent pharmacies that includes the profession’s most comprehensive training and professional education programs. Nearly 4,000 independent pharmacies throughout the United States and Canada rely on PCAA for further education.

At Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy, we know how much the four-legged members of your family mean to you. The next time your pet isn’t feeling so well, give the Dr. Williams a call at 812-698-0050 and discuss what he can do to help them get healthy again.

3 Issues You May Encounter With Your Elderly Relative When It Comes To Medication Reconciliation

Posted on: July 28th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

Have you ever had to take an elderly relative in for a doctor’s appointment, only to find that they have problems remembering all the different medications they take? This problem is more common than you think.

Known to those in the health care field as “medication reconciliation,” this is the process in which nurses or doctors take down the full list of drugs the patient is taking. It’s important, because some medications don’t interact well and can lead to sometimes fatal results.

There are several times when medication reconciliation may be a problem for an elderly relative, such as:

  • When they become dazed or confused.


This is especially a danger if your loved one lives with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. They may not remember which drugs they take, what the dosage is, or even if they took them at all that day. Because elderly individuals often take a higher amount of drugs, they may not remember all of them, even if they don’t have a memory-related illness.


  • When they have multiple health care providers.


This can happen if your loved one uses different doctors in different networks for different ailments. While one clinic can certainly call up another to find out what their medication is, they usually rely on the patient to tell them—and if your loved one forgets, this can be a problem!


Another way this happens is if your loved one has to the emergency room in the middle of the night, and the staff isn’t able to call their physician or pharmacy to find out what medication they take.


  • When they don’t take them properly.

Some patients find that they dislike the side effects of their medication, and stop taking them completely. Other times, they end up abusing the drug and taking too much of it. Either scenario can seriously impact their health, especially when a doctor is deciding whether or not to prescribe them something new.

Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy encourages you to be proactive when it comes to looking out for your elderly relatives’ health. Make sure you have a running list of all the medications they’re taking before an emergency arises. Remind them to take their medication as prescribed.

If you’re worried about how certain prescriptions are interacting, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our pharmacy staff can help you ascertain if one medication you take may interact adversely with another.

Top 5 Myths of Buying Generic Drugs

Posted on: July 14th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

Did you know that 80 percent of all prescriptions filled in the United States are for generic drugs? In fact, Americans save approximately $158 billion each year by not purchasing name-brand medications.

However, some people are still wary of buying generic drugs instead of relying on the name brand. This is because there are a lot of myths flying around about the nature of generic medication. Today, Williams Bros. would like to dispel some of them:

  • MYTH: Brand name drugs work better than generics

FACT: A 2008 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at the effectiveness of generic cardiovascular drugs compared to their brand name counterparts. The researchers found that there was no evidence of the superiority of brand-name drugs.

  • MYTH: The FDA allows a 45 percent different in the effectiveness of the generic drug.

FACT: Generic drug makers are required to follow the same rigorous standards when it comes to effectiveness as any other drug maker. This is done by measuring how much of the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream. It must be the same for both generic and brand-name companies.

  • MYTH: It’s cheaper, so it must not work as well.

FACT: The reason why generic drugs are so cheap is because they don’t have to invest in the initial research. After the brand-name’s patent has expired, other drug makers are able to use their research and recreate it for a much lower cost.

  • MYTH: Generic drugs are made under unsafe or unsanitary conditions.

FACT: Most generic drugs are made in the same facilities that brand-name drugs are made.

  • MYTH: The government isn’t able to investigate claims of bad things happening when someone takes a generic drug.

FACT: The FDA monitors and investigates any and all claims of adverse incidents taking place after someone has ingested a drug—generic or name-brand.

At Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy, we believe that an educated consumer is a healthier one. Our expert staff can help you make the right decisions for you when it comes to your medication and home medical equipment needs. Stop by one of our many locations today, or check out the resource center on our website.

5 Funding Sources for Your Home Accessibility Modification

Posted on: June 23rd, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

At Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy, we believe in the benefits of aging in-home. Over the long haul, it’s much more cost-effective than moving into a facility, and you’re able to stay in the beloved residence where you made so many memories.

However, we know that the upfront cost can sometimes be prohibitive. That’s why we’re offering these funding sources for your home accessibility makeover:

  1. Tax deductions.


While most of us think of the IRS as only there to take money from us every April, there are actually great tax deductions homeowners can take for certain home modifications. These include “special equipment installed in a home, or for improvements, if their main purpose is medical care for you, your spouse, or your dependent.” Scroll to page 6 of this link to see all the tax-deductible accessible home modifications available.


  1. Private Insurance.


While Medicare won’t cover something such as mobility ramps, some private insurers will. Check with your hospital’s social service department. Sometimes, you can even use your HSA or cafeteria plan to cover a portion of the costs.


  1. Area Agency on Aging.


Your local Area Agency on Aging should be able to direct you to community resources to help you with certain housing projects. Some community or church organizations offer special programs or volunteer projects for low-income elderly residents to modify bathrooms or install ramps.


  1. National organizations.


Some national organizations will offer housing assistance, especially if you fall under certain circumstances. Some of these include the American Cancer Society, National Muscular Dystrophy Association, National United Cerebral Palsy Association or the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. If you served in the military, you might qualify for an SAH grant.


  1. Bank Loan.

Some banks offer special loans for home modification, such as a second mortgage, a home equity loan or a reverse mortgage. Consult a financial professional before you go forward with any of these options.

There are many other resources out there to help you age safely in-home—these are just a few. If you’ve had success with a program not listed here, write it in the comment section below this blog or on our Facebook page!

4 Benefits of Going to Your Local Pharmacy

Posted on: June 9th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy has been your local pharmacy since 1899. During that time, we’ve seen the rise of chain and big-box store pharmacies across the country. While it can be tempting to turn to a pharmacy located inside a grocery or department store so that you can complete all your errands in one place, today we’re going to list 4 reasons why you should shop at an independent pharmacy!

  • It supports the local pharmacy.


Some studies estimate that for every dollar spent locally, 52 percent is returned to the local economy. By contrast, big retailers only return 14 percent, while the rest returns to their headquarters elsewhere.


  • The owners live here.


Big box pharmacies are owned by either people living in large cities outside the state or else by faceless boards of directors. They will never get to know you personally, come to a community event, serve on municipal boards or be involved in local civic organizations. With a local pharmacy, you know the family that owns it is your fellow community member. They’re invested in making it a better place. The money you spend there will ultimately go back to these sorts of efforts.


  • More choice.


Often, the big box stores have a very limited choice when it comes to over-the-counter products. They also don’t tend to have specialty services, such as custom compliance packaging or compounding.


  • Better service.


Just like the owners, those who work in a local pharmacy are also going to be more invested members of the community. Because of that, they will get to know you better, giving it that small-town touch. Williams Bros. goes a step beyond and offers specialized customer service options that you don’t see at large stores. Have trouble paying? We offer patient assistance. Can’t make it out of your house or are too busy? We offer delivery. And if you’re loyal to us, we pay it back with our Reward Program.


At Williams Bros., we see you as more than just “business.” We’re in this community for the long-haul, just like you. The next time you need your prescription filled, visit one of our many locations in Indiana or Illinois!

How Smart Technology Can Help Mom and Dad Age In Place

Posted on: May 26th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

Most of us want to stay at home while we age, but that can get more difficult and unsafe as time goes on.  However, thanks to technology, aging adults will be able to stay in their homes much longer.  Williams Bros. lists these new technologies that will help your parents stay independent and safe within their own home.

Alexa: She allows your loved ones to not have to move around as much.  This technology relies on auditory interaction instead of visual input.  For example, instead of trying to find keys on a keyboard, just ask Alexa to compile a grocery list for you and she’ll input all the items you tell her.  She’ll send text messages from your phone, too!

PERS: Personal Emergency Response Systems are the necklaces such as Life Alert and other devices that you have on you in case of a fall or emergency where you can’t call someone for help or move.  They have become extremely popular and have saved many lives.

MyMeds: This app helps you keep track of your medication by sending you reminders of when it’s time to take them.  New prescriptions will also transfer to your MyMeds profile.

Care4today: This talks you through the journey you will face after surgery.  It will show a patient what they need to know about rehabilitation, upcoming sessions, goals, and progress.  There are tips from self-service patient resources along with healthy meals you can try out.

Instant Heart Rate: This app uses your iPhone’s camera to detect your pulse from your fingertip, which is similar to what pulse oximeters already use.  The detailed analytics help you get in tune with each heartbeat.  This app is great because it gives you deep insight into your fitness and how hard your heart works.

PT Pal Pro: This app offers an easy yet practical way for physical therapists to ensure their patients do their exercises and do them well.  Therapists can send the exercise list directly to their patient’s phone, and they can then see detailed instructions and videos on how to do the exercises.

Reminder Rosie: Not only is this a good reminder for medications, but it also tells older adults when their appointments or day-to-day tasks are.  This helps seniors maintain healthy routines.

Evermind:  This app is helpful not only to seniors, but to their caregivers and family too.  It looks for signals of activity and well-being by monitoring when common household appliances, such as coffee makers, televisions, and bedside lamps are switched on and off to signal that your loved one is still okay without having to check in constantly.

As technology continues to evolve and grow, we will be able to be independent longer within our own homes.  Having apps and devices that make home safer will give you some peace of mind about your aging loved ones.  If you have any questions about medical equipment or medications for your loved one, contact us today!

Keeping Loneliness at Bay for the Senior Aging in Place

Posted on: May 12th, 2017 by WilliamBros Blogger

One of the biggest problems for older Americans is a growing sense of loneliness or isolation.  They face their children moving away or long-term friends relocating to warmer climates or dying.  The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that approximately 28% of senior citizens live alone.  Williams Bros. offers these strategies to help keep loneliness at bay for seniors aging in place.

Visit Senior Centers

Senior centers often provide classes, outings, and social functions for everyone to go to.  It also allows you to talk to and connect with other senior citizens.


This is a great way to get out into the community and meet other people while also giving back.  Not only will you be able to socialize, but you will be feeling incredibly thankful for all that you have after helping others in need.

Start a New Hobby

Hobbies can make you feel motivated and happy.  You can set goals, look forward to the next step, and learn new things!  Things such as puzzles or adult coloring books are great for your brain function.  You could also learn to play an instrument or get a pen pal.

Adopt a Pet

If you are able to care for a pet, then this is a great way to combat loneliness.  Pets love you unconditionally and bring joy into your life.  Caring for a pet can give you a new meaning and purpose in life.

Write a Memoir

Writing about the past helps improve brain function and enhance emotional health.  Thinking back to the good old days will bring back happy memories to make you feel less withdrawn.  If you can’t write them down, speak to others.  Simply talking to yourself or others about all of your accomplishments will make you feel proud of all aspects of your life.

Home-Visitation Services

Be sure to ask about community transportation or home visiting services for the elderly if your mobility isn’t well.  This will be a good way to be brought out of your home to meet others and do different activities.  Being homebound is hard, so any type of service offered to take you out and about is definitely worth it!

We hope that these tips help you or your loved one feel happier and healthier.  Contact us today with any questions you have.  If they have trouble getting around, Williams Bros. has resources such as mobility aids to help them get out, so they can continue to enjoy life!

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